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Jewelry Size Guide

Ring Size Guide

When choosing your ring size, take into consideration the following points:

  • Around the world and in Israel there is a different numerical index for ring sizing, be sure to order the desired size according to the Israeli criteria.

  • Rings vary in thickness. Make sure if the ring you chose is thick you should order 1 size higher by the Israeli criteria.  

  • It is recommended to measure your finger at least 10 minutes after exercise, when the body temperature is in normal.

  • Keep in mind that each finger could have a different size between left or right.


How to find your ring size


  • Take a string or a piece of paper, not thicker than the required ring, rap around your finger.

  • Mark with a pen the circumference.

  • Use a ruler to compare measures of the length of paper or string from its starting point to the marked point.

  • By your finger measurement in mm, compare in the chart the ring size by Israeli criteria.

  • If the ring is bought for someone else, you can measure in the same way, the inner diameter of another ring used on the desired finger and compare accordingly in the chart.


Ring Size Chart:

מידות טבעות.PNG

Necklace Size Guide

In order to know the exact length of the necklace:

  • Lay a string around the neck, adjust the string to the length where you want the pendant to reach

  • Stretch the wire on a ruler that measures an inch from end to end

  • The size that appears on the thread marking is the desired chain size

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