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Instructions for returning a piece of jewelry.
You can return jewelry and get a refund in the following manner and conditions:
• Call customer service and be notified of the decision to return / replace the jewelry, including its cause.
• Return / exchange is performed independently directly to our office at 23 Tuval Street, Ramat Gan. during the hours when our office is open.
• Replacement: The jewelry should reach us within 7 business days in order to make a replacement, product will be replaced if there are no signs of use. The product will be sent for testing for approval of the set diamonds. Only after their approval will the replacement be approved to the customer.

• Return: A refund will be given for the purchase of a piece of jewelry for a purchase that does not exceed NIS 3,000 and within 48 hours of the purchase. If there are no signs of use. The product will be sent for inspection for approval of the set diamonds.

• Transaction cancellation fee according to law - 5% of the transaction or NIS 100, whichever is lower.

• Credit card credit will be for the same card on which the transaction was made and will charge a clearing fee of 3%.

• Products that were purchased by special order according to the customer's requirement, jewelry created in a personal design, jewelry for which diamonds were ordered or selected according to the customer's requirement will not be returned.

• Jewelry that has undergone a size correction or change cannot be returned.

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