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Many years of experience in the world as an importer of diamonds made in Russia.

led us to create a young and innovative brand, a subsidiary brand of diamond maker 'Ronit Silberstein'. In the management of her daughter Romy.

The brand is all about Jewelry that suits a woman who does not compromise on less than the real thing - natural diamonds and 14k gold, in the best quality.
Jewelry for a woman who understands fashion and is looking for jewelry that corresponds with her total look and style, minimalist, luxurious and precise.
For a woman who loves to diversify her jewelry and create the perfect look for any occasion.

Behind every piece of jewelry there is a whole world of thought. Every little detail is part of the jewelry that is made with a lot of investment, in order to create the perfect piece of jewelry.
All of our jewelry designed and manufactured in Israel.


Customer Service: +972-542987776



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