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A delicate Lightning Bolt Stud earring, suits for various ear piercings, made of solid 14K gold, set with 6 white diamonds.

Comes with a flat round-shaped closure.

A total of 0.12ct. white diamonds.

VS clarity diamonds

Earring thickness 1.1 mm.

The piercing comes in 2 different lengths to choose from - 

Short (6 mm)- usually suits a hole that has healed in most locations.

Lond (8 mm)- usually suits a new piercing hole (less then a year) or a thick ear placements.

Not sure what length is right? Please note in the comments which hole the piercing is for and how long your hole exists, or contact us.

Item sold singly

    • Stock Availability

      We have a limited inventory, so if the item is not in stock each part is manufactured separately and requires a two-week preparation window.

    • Warranty & Returns


      Full warranty for all jewelry and settings for 1 year.

      Cleaning and renewing at no cost with no time limit.

      Warranty is valid only as long as the jewelry is reasonably maintained, and is invalidated in the event the jewelry is repaired by a party other than Romy Mercier Jewelry Store

      Replacements & Returns

      The jewelry can be replaced as long as it was unused, and in its original packaging within 14 days of receipt. We would be happy to offer you another piece of jewelry or store credit for future use

      A monetary refund will be given within two business days of receipt

      Does not apply to custom jewelry*
      Return shipping of jewelry to the store in case of return or exchange will be done at the Customer's expense.


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